Thank You for your interest in joining my webinar!

We need as many truly “conservative” delegates to participate as possible. The more “conservative” delegates who participate, the more success we will have in making the CPC into a truly conservative party. To become a voting delegate for the virtual March convention, here are the next steps:

The deadline to “APPLY” to become a delegate is Friday January 15 at 5 pm ET.

If more than 10 CPC members in your riding apply to become a delegate by the January 15 deadline, there will be an online “vote” held sometime between January 18 and February 15, 2021, and the top vote-getting applicants will become the delegates.

Only paid-up CPC members will be eligible to vote. To become a voting delegate, there is an application cost of $199.00, but 1) an automatic federal tax credit is available for this amount; and b) according to 12.1 of the rules for this convention, you will be able to get a “full refund” if you are NOT ELECTED to be a delegate. 

Also, if you are not yet 26 years old, you are considered a “Youth” and the fee for you is only $99.00 (provided you will still be under 26 as of March 20, 2021).

If you can, please join me for a Zoom call to discuss exactly how you can help:

Saturday January 9th, 9pm EST - CLICK HERE

Sunday January 10th, 7pm EST - CLICK HERE