I Still Believe

Ban Digital ID -- Derek Sloan and Rick Nicholls

Ban Digital ID -- Post-Conference Discussion

It's Time to Take Ontario Back

Official Candidacy Announcement

Ontario Party - New Leader

Tillsonburg Freedom Rally

World Wide Freedom Rally

Ontario Freedom Rallies

Receiving Summons to Court

Barrie Freedom Rally 

Chatham Freedom Rally

Canada Day 2021

Derek Sloan Riding BBQ

We Need A Royal Commission 

Derek Sloan and Randy Hillier in Ottawa

Remembrance Day 

Trudeau’s Vaccination Plan

World Wide Walkout for Health Freedom

End the Lockdown Caucus

From The House 

Questioning Blanket Lockdowns

Questioning Vaccines and Employment 

Pleading to End COVID Restrictions and Reopen

Questioning COVID Hotels

Keystone XL Pipeline Project

Why aren't we testing COVID Treatments?

Speaking Out Against Vaccine Passports

Standing on Guard 

Stripping Our Civil Liberties

Additional Videos

Derek Sloan Video

Dry Land

With Pastor James Coates

With Pastor Art Powlowski

A Beautiful Day

CCFR Interview - Gun Rights