Derek Sloan’s 12 Point Pro-Life Plan

As an MP, I will encourage parliamentary debates and votes on abortion and all matters related to respect for life.

1. Work with the grassroots to rescind CPC Policy 70, which states: “A Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion.”

I was present at the Halifax convention, and I was very impressed with Campaign Life Coalition’s effort to rescind this policy. Whether I am leader or not, I will push for this to be rescinded by encouraging the grassroots to show up at the next convention so that we can vote out Policy 70.

2. Unborn Victims of Violence: Cassie & Molly’s Law

Pregnant women and their unborn children are often the victims of homicide. Yet there is no justice or consideration for the unborn baby. In April, one of the victims of the heinous Nova Scotia killing spree was a pregnant mother. Her own unborn child was not even considered in the victim count. This needs to end. As MP, I will encourage legislation on Unborn Victims of Violence.

3. End foreign aid funding of abortion and of pro-abortion special interest groups

As is Conservative Party Policy, I will end taxpayer funding of abortion overseas. I will also end funding for domestic radical pro-abortion groups such as LEAF.

4. Support the Born Alive Infant Protection Act

With alleged cases of infanticide happening in Canada, I will encourage legislation that will undergird and strengthen the specific, affirmative duty of physicians and medical professionals to provide medical care and treatment to infants born alive at any stage of development.

5. Partial birth abortion ban

I will encourage a vote to ban the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion. Many jurisdictions in the world have such a ban; Canada should as well.

6. Adoption Expense Tax Credit and Adoptive Parental Leave

Adoptive parents are parents. They deserve the support of our federal government. I pledge to increase the adoption expense tax credit to $22,000. Furthermore, current legislation discriminates against adoptive parents by refusing them 15 weeks of maternity leave. I would end that discrimination and allow adoptive mothers that time to bond with their newborn child, by extending to them the 15-week maternity leave.

7. Free expression/speech for pro-life people

As leader, I would seek the uniform application of free expression laws applied across this country. I would encourage the lifting of “bubble zones” and ensure free speech protection for university and college campus pro-life clubs. Provinces that do not ensure freedom of expression is respected will have equalization payments clawed back.

8. Ultrasound prior to abortion

Many women complain that information is withheld prior to undergoing an abortion. In an effort to ensure equity, I would encourage provinces to pass legislation requiring full disclosure to women prior to the procedure. This includes an ultrasound provided and shown to the mother prior to an abortion.

9. Freedom of conscience for health care workers

No doctor, other health practitioner, or any healthcare facility shall be compelled to perform or refer for MAID or abortion. Provinces that do not ensure freedom of conscience is respected will have equalization payments clawed back.

10. Euthanasia and MAID

Extend the official review of Euthanasia/MAID legislation to ensure the strongest safeguards for the most vulnerable.

11. Palliative care

According to the 2010 Carstairs report, only 30% of those seeking palliative care actually get it. Trudeau twice promised funds for palliative care (2017 and 2019), but has failed to follow through. Recognizing some feel “pushed” into euthanasia because of a lack of care, I would commit $10 billion dollars over 10 years to fund palliative care and help those most vulnerable.

12. Sex-selective abortion

I would encourage legislation to prohibit abortion based on sex, whether male or female.