Derek Sloan’s guiding principle is to do everything in his power to keep Canada a shining beacon of freedom and liberty as it was intended to be.


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Derek will always defend the indispensable Canadian right to freedom of expression. Freedom of speech is foundational to our democracy.

As Prime Minister, Derek will repeal Bill C-16 immediately. This bill enshrined “compelled speech” into Canadian law. It also severely infringes on parental rights and on women’s sex-based rights to private spaces.

Derek will also make federal grants to universities conditional upon proof that all recipients respect free speech and free inquiry on campus.

Derek is concerned by online censorship and algorithmic bias by tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. If elected Prime Minister, Derek will introduce legislation to make it illegal for an online platform to ban a user unless the user has been documented breaking Canadian law.

Derek will also introduce legislation to amend the Canada Elections Act to kill the “gag law” aspect of its third-party advertising regulations. Derek will do this because Canada should never, ever become a country where people fear to publish or speak opinions that run afoul of those that govern them. He believes that political parties should not have a monopoly on political commentary. That is a right that belongs to all of us.


The politically correct intolerance of “cancel culture” is out of control and must be stopped. One victim of the Liberal-lite/Red Tory elites’ version of “cancel culture” is Richard Décarie, who was barred without explanation from this CPC leadership contest, almost certainly because of his outspoken positions. Jim Karahalios has also been disqualified—twice. In the lead-up to the last election, a number of potential CPC nomination candidates were also “canceled” by CPC HQ for similar reasons, either officially or through other tactics. Under Derek’s leadership, the “canceling” of the candidacies of principled conservatives will end. Free speech will be our guiding policy, not political correctness.


Derek is unapologetically pro-life, and he declared himself as such when he was a candidate in the 2019 election. As a new Member of Parliament, Derek is a member of the Parliamentary pro-life caucus in Ottawa.

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No doctor, health practitioner, or any health facility shall be compelled to perform or refer for MAID or abortion. Provinces that fail to ensure freedom of conscience for their health care professionals will see equalization payments clawed back until they comply with the federal requirement for conscience rights.


Derek will ensure that we meet our NATO commitment of defense funding of 2% of our GDP within 5 years.


Derek will reintroduce changes to the Citizenship Act along the lines of Stephen Harper’s Bill C-24 (2014), allowing both the revocation of the citizenship of Canadians who acquired that citizenship under false representation or fraud and the revocation of the Canadian citizenship of dual citizens who have been convicted of terrorist offences.

Derek will classify ANTIFA a terrorist organization due to their history of violence here in Canada and abroad.


Derek will raise the age, nation-wide, to a mandatory minimum of 25 years. This is the age which science shows a young brain is fully developed and less likely to be harmed by marijuana use.


Derek will reduce target immigration levels from 350,000 a year to 150,000 a year, putting us near the average for developed countries. He will secure our borders by reforming our system to make it easier to turn away false refugee claimants and increasing border patrol budgets. Illegal refugee crossings will be closed and phoney asylum seekers from the USA will be deported.

Derek will increase the private sponsorship refugee quota and fast-track victims of religious persecution.


Derek will repeal Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax cash grab, a tax which is being forced on Canadian provinces and was recently ruled unconstitutional by the Alberta Court of Appeal.


Derek believes that the primary and most fundamental responsibility of Canada’s federal government is to protect the interests of Canadians and our nation’s sovereignty above all other concerns.

Derek will stop the practice of signing on to UN treaties that undermine the legitimacy and authority of Canadian institutions. Canada should not have signed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). UNDRIP misconstrues Canada’s existing Indigenous rights regime. UNDRIP creates uncertainties that undermine Canada’s national economic interests. UNDRIP will undermine First Nations communities seeking energy projects to bring prosperity to their communities. Derek Sloan will oppose efforts to legislate UNDRIP into Canadian law.

Derek will take Canada out of the Paris Agreement, which sets unrealistic targets. Efforts to comply with it will handicap Canada’s economy. Derek will also rescind Canada’s signature of the UN Migration Compact because we must be in control of our borders.


Derek will send a strong message to the world that Canada supports its energy industry and wants the industry to bring back private investment. He will fight for all aspects of the energy sector and allow all Canadians to benefit from oil and gas. Instead of attacking Canada’s energy sector and its workers, we should be helping them.

Derek will repeal Bill C-69, the “no more pipelines” bill. This bill adds uncertainty to project planning and politicizes the development process. Thanks to Bill C-69, companies looking to invest in Canada can follow all the rules and do all the right things but still not have their projects approved after years of planning.

Derek will also repeal Bill C-48. Bill C-48 is a direct attack on Alberta and Saskatchewan. It limits oil tankers along the BC coast and prevents Canadian oil from getting to international markets. This bill is unfair to Canadians who rely on the oil industry for their paycheck.


Derek supports the removal of non-victim, non-violent firearm offences from the Criminal Code. Derek will entrench property rights in Canadian law and conduct a complete review of the Firearms Act and related regulations to ensure the right of firearms owners to their private property. He believes that ownership and use of firearms for protection is a civil right, notwithstanding court interpretations that say otherwise.

Derek supports the repeal of firearms legislation that has not provided any evidence of benefit to public safety, including former bills C-71 (2019), C-42 (2015), C-68 (1995), C-17 (1991), and C-51 (1977).

Derek will also cancel Trudeau’s gun grab. He believes that that money would be better spent on support for police and anti-gang units, action against rural crime, and policing our borders to stop the smuggling of the illegal weapons that are used in most gun crimes in Canada.

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The family is the building block and foundation of a free society.

Derek opposes Bill C-8. Like every responsible MP, Derek supports measures to prevent coercive counselling that harms patients, but the Liberals’ Bill C-8 will prevent Canadians coast-to-coast from freely engaging in private conversations and counselling, as is already the case in Ontario. Bill C-8 represents a grotesque encroachment by the state on parental rights. According to Bill C-8, parents’ efforts to help their child identify with the body they were born with constitutes criminal “conversion therapy”. Meanwhile, giving a child artificial hormones and plastic surgery to mutilate them is defined as “gender affirmation”, which the Liberals applaud. This is despite studies that reveal that over 80% of children who question their “gender” come to accept their bodies how they were born by the age of 18. Under Bill C-8, Canadian parents will be jailed for up to five years simply for trying to help their children accept who they are during a time of confusion. If elected Prime Minister, Derek will repeal Bill C-8. He will also ban sex-change surgery on children.


Derek is 100% opposed to making an eventual COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for Canadians. Derek believes that Canadians should be allowed to make up their own minds when it comes to getting vaccinated, and parents—not the government—should make the decision about getting the vaccine for their children. If a vaccine is developed, Canadians should all have the opportunity to decide whether or not we want it.


If elected Prime Minister, Derek’s Conservative government will fully defund the WHO. The need to minimize the danger of contagion is real. That is why is even more important for us to avoid writing blank cheques to organizations that give Canadians bad advice and openly advocate for limitations on our freedoms.


Health Minister Patty Hajdu accused a reporter of indulging in conspiracy theories for doubting China’s official COVID-19 infection numbers, which were later proven inaccurate. As Prime Minister, Derek will work with our allies to push for a full international investigation into the origins of COVID-19 in China.

François-Philippe Champagne, Trudeau’s Foreign Affairs Minister, refused to mention Taiwan by name in thanking them for a generous gift of PPE, because The People’s Republic of China regards Taiwan as illegitimate. As Prime Minister, Derek will extend full Canadian diplomatic recognition to Taiwan.

In February, Canada donated 16 tonnes of PPE (personal protective equipment like masks, face shields and gloves) to China, severely depleting our national stockpile. By March, we were short of PPE and scrambling to find it, forced to pay top dollar. Trudeau revealed in May that Canada “would not be paying full price” for 8 million defective N95 masks that we had arranged to buy in April from China! As Prime Minister, Derek will ensure that supply chains for essential products are located in Canada.

As Prime Minister, Derek will block Huawei and ensure Made-in-Canada 5G. China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law gives the Beijing communist regime the power to use Huawei’s technology for its intelligence work. Huawei works closely with the Chinese Communist Party to facilitate repression in China through surveillance and facial recognition. Huawei helps the Communist Chinese government track, detain, imprison, torture, and murder people. Huawei has helped China earn its reputation for spying, industrial espionage, and intellectual property theft.

As Prime Minister, Derek will work for Canadian institutions to reject pressure from front groups of the Communist Party of China.

As Prime Minister, Derek will arrest anyone proved to be spying for the Communist Party of China and negotiate their return to China in exchange for Canadians held prisoner there.


The Chinese Communist regime in Beijing continues its totalitarian crack-down in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in defiance of the “one country, two systems” principle that China promised to honour until the year 2047. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland had no comment—either way—recently when asked if the Hong Kong pro-democracy dissidents would be welcome as refugees. I am unequivocal on this matter. As Prime Minister, Derek will ensure that Canada welcomes dissidents from Hong Kong as refugees.


As Prime Minister, Derek will designate religious services as essential services.