Liberal MP Pam Damoff

You’ve probably heard by now that Pam Damoff, Liberal Member of Parliament for Oakville North—Burlington posted a letter this week urging our new leader Erin O’Toole to eject me from the CPC caucus.

That’s right, a Liberal MP publicly briefed the newly minted Conservative leader on what he should do with his caucus.

Arrogance, and a contempt for democracy, come naturally to Liberals. Ms. Damoff imagines herself to be more qualified than the Conservative members in my riding of Hastings—Lennox and Addington to decide who their Parliamentary representative should be.

Ms. Damoff accused me of “racism, misogyny and bigotry”. She knows very well that this un-Parliamentary ad-hominem attack would see her escorted from the House of Commons, but of course we don’t have Parliament right now, thanks to Justin Trudeau.

Pam Damoff is typical of the Liberals in her promotion of “diversity”, which never includes diversity of opinion. In 2017, Damoff was instrumental in barring Conservative MP Rachael Harder from chairing the House of Commons Committee on the Status of Women because of Harder’s pro-life views.

Interestingly, Ms. Damoff’s definition of inclusiveness does extend to ISIS militants returning to Canada, as she made clear during a Status of Women Committee meeting in 2018.

That’s when Damoff led the charge to stop a motion to study the impact that returning ISIS terrorists would have on Yazidi women and girls who had suffered at the hands of ISIS before finding refuge in Canada. Damoff chose ISIS radicals over victims of rape and sex-trafficking.

Let’s be honest: MP Damoff’s maneuver is a political attack designed to divide our Party under its new leadership.

This attack was made at the behest of her party, because her party is afraid. They also hate the fact that I stand up for conservative principles, without apology.

The Liberals are afraid of taking on a united Conservative Party of Canada under Erin O’Toole that will hold them to account for their corruption, their incompetence, and their utter failure to put the interests of Canadians ahead of the interests of their small, elite, connected group.

Canadians can sense the contempt that the Liberal Party has for them, and Canadian voters are getting ready to throw them out.

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Derek Sloan
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