Derek Sloan’s Firearms Policy Plan

1. Remove non-violent firearm offences from the Criminal Code.

2. Enshrine in law the right to use firearms judiciously and appropriately for self-protection, whether at home or at some other place.

3. Enshrine in law the specific right of non-retreat when in one’s home, and to clarify that an intruder in one’s home is presumed to be dangerous.

4. Reinstate firearms training and target shooting with Cadets, encourage involvement of Cadets in high schools and other public venues, and encourage the inclusion of some high school credits for involvement in Cadets.

5. Eliminate the automatic check of legal firearms owners when stopped for a traffic offence and replace it with an instant warrant/parole/probation check.

6. Increase legal magazine capacity. This law deters no one of ill-intent, and it is easily contravened by them.

7. Ensure any participation in UN treaties protects civilian firearms ownership and withdraw from the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

8. Remove the “restricted” classification of firearms. There can be different levels of licensing but, once authorized to use a particular firearm, you should be free to use it as you would any other firearm, including where you can shoot it, how you can transport it, etc.

9. As follows from the above, restore hunting and self-protection as legitimate legal uses of handguns, as was the case for many years in Canada.

10. Ensure that firearms licensing criteria be solely objective.

11. Reform the appeals process for refusal to issue a firearms license.