Fire Dr. Theresa Tam

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Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, has prioritized the World Health Organization over the health of Canadians.

She is one of seven physicians on a WHO oversight committee whose job is to prevent politics from interfering with what happens during health emergencies.

Like many things involving the UN, this sounds good in theory, but it doesn’t work in practice.

The truth is that the WHO serves the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China (CCP).

It was the People’s Republic of China who installed Margaret Chan, the former Director-General of the WHO (2007-2017). Chan was the former Director of Health for the Hong Kong government and was widely criticized for her unsatisfactory performance in handling the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong in 2003.

It was also the People’s Republic of China that installed the WHO’s current Director-General, Tedros Adhanom, the first Director-General of the WHO not to hold a medical degree. Tedros’ political resume includes covering up cholera epidemics in his native Ethiopia. This was while serving as Minister of Health in the Marxist “Tigray People’s Liberation Front” party government.

The WHO has been a puppet of the People’s Republic of China for over a decade now.

The WHO endangered millions of lives around the world by covering up the COVID-19 virus at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party.

On January 14, the WHO cited Chinese government propaganda in asserting that the virus doesn’t spread from person to person. That disinformation allowed the virus to spread globally. Countries like Canada continued to allow flights from Wuhan, believing that there was no danger.

Donald Trump did the right thing when he cut off funding to the WHO. He’d seen enough of the corruption.

But what about Canada?

Our Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, has continually cited the WHO as an authority.

Dr. Tam said face masks don’t work. Not true.

She said closing the borders to travelers arriving from virus hotspots wouldn’t work. Not true.

She spent the month of January echoing the WHO’s contention that anyone worried about the virus was indulging in racism.

Canada needed a Chief Public Health Officer who would investigate all the pertinent information and then recommend policies to protect Canadians.

But instead we got Dr. Tam, who dutifully repeats the propaganda of a CCP government obsessed with political control and saving face. She does this because she is involved with an organization, the WHO, which is effectively controlled by that government.

Dr. Tam must now either resign or be fired.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer needs to work for Canada. Not for the WHO or any other foreign entity.

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