Delay the CPC Leadership Vote! Sign the Petition!

The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Leadership contest must be delayed.  

On Friday March 20th, I  made the case for delaying the leadership vote when I spoke with the co-chairs of the CPC Leadership Election Organization Committee (LEOC), the Hon. Lisa Raitt and Dan Nowlan. I explained that the COVID-19 pandemic provided ample cause for their committee to immediately delay the leadership vote and all of the other deadlines associated with this contest. I specifically outlined the following:

  • CAMPAIGNING IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE with zero opportunity for face-to-face interaction. The democratic process is suffering. 
  • DONATIONS are required for political campaigns; it’s inappropriate to have candidates soliciting funds during a pandemic.
  • PUBLIC PERCEPTION of the Party is that we are completely tone-deaf in persisting with this leadership campaign; our brand is being damaged.

LEOC’s reply to me: The rules are the rules! No delay! But LEOC writes the rules and has the power to change them. LEOC has a moral obligation to do the right thing and delay the vote. This is the right thing for the party.

Sign this petition which I will submit to the Conservative Party of Canada.

Derek Sloan, MP
CPC Leadership Candidate

To: Members of the CPC Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC)

I, the undersigned, demand you, LEOC, immediately change the rules for this leadership contest and DELAY the scheduled June, 2020 leadership vote to sometime in the autumn of 2020.

Canadians are frightened and worried about the COVID-19 national pandemic. This pandemic could take months to clear. Now is not the time for candidates to be campaigning for an ill-timed CPC leadership contest.  I'm calling on you to:

  • delay the vote by 3-5 months
  • delay the membership cut-off/deadline by 3-5 months
  • refund half of the $300,000 CPC “fees” that have already been paid by the “verified candidates” in order to help them cover costs during this pandemic
  • extend the March 25 deadline to get on the ballot by at least 2 months, and reduce all related CPC “fees”, in order to allow all of the “approved applicants” to qualify for the ballot


Will you sign?