Peter MacKay and the “reprehensible”

Peter MacKay has found another socially conservative “albatross” to slay.

What is it this time?

“Reprehensible” is the word that Peter MacKay used this week to describe my opposition to Bill C-8, Trudeau’s attempt to criminalize so-called “conversion therapy”. This is the very same word that Trudeau’s Communications Director used.

And once again, Peter MacKay is attacking the natural conservative position and is instead supporting the Liberal Party’s worldview.

What prompted this outburst from MacKay?

On a webinar Tuesday evening, I accused Justin Trudeau and his government of child abuse through their promotion of Bill C-8, which would ban what they define as “conversion therapy”.

Yes, I am accusing Justin Trudeau’s government of legitimizing a form of child abuse into Canadian law.

Bill C-8 is proposed federal legislation that designates helping a child identify with the body they were born with as “conversion therapy” and seeks to make this a crime. Meanwhile, giving a child artificial hormones and plastic surgery to mutilate and sterilize children is described as “gender affirmation” and is perfectly legal under Bill C-8.

This, despite the fact that studies show that over 80% of children who question their gender end up happily identifying with the way they were born by the age of 18.

This bill will outlaw body-affirming counseling for children who are gender-confused. If a parent tries to get body-affirming counseling for a child seeking a sex-change, the Liberals will jail that parent for up to five years. Don’t be fooled by their denials; this is exactly what will happen.

Bill C-8 decries the “myths and stereotypes about sexual orientation and gender identity, including the myth that a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity can and ought to be changed".

For example, according to Bill C-8, if your 10-year-old girl tells you that she is really a boy, you, as a parent must accept this; that this must be the ways things are; the way things have always been; and the way things must always be.

According to this ideology, it is wrong to make any effort to have your daughter “change” back into being, um, a girl. Not only is it wrong, but, in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, such efforts will be illegal. Now, it seems that Peter MacKay is backing Trudeau on this.

No matter how much of a social liberal Peter MacKay is, it still came as a shock to me when he tweeted that my remarks about the Liberals’ attempt to codify child abuse into Canadian law were “reprehensible”.

What I find “reprehensible” is that Peter MacKay is letting his social liberal extremism drive him to support Trudeau’s invasive and catastrophic radical gender ideology.

Trudeau is attacking children and parental rights, and he is doing so, it seems, with Peter MacKay’s full backing.

I have been very vocal about my opposition to Bill C-8, both because of the threat it represents to the health of children and because of its grotesque overreach of the state into parental authority.

My position has earned me many messages of support from Canadiansincluding from members of the LGBT communitywho recognize that the lives of children are currently being sacrificed on the altar of gender ideology.

When I become Prime Minister, I will get rid of Bill C-8. Further, I will introduce legislation banning sex-change operations for children under 18, as lawmakers in the U.K. have recently proposed.

Are you with me?


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Derek Sloan
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PS: I will stand against C-8, without apology, and I will oppose everything else our Prime Minister does to erode parental rights in his quest for total power. Can you chip in $20 to help me?