Trump has designated ANTIFA as a terrorist organization. Canada should too.


This past weekend, U.S. President Donald Trump declared that the US would designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization.

This is a good and necessary move by Trump to defend peace, order, and the rule of law in his country. Afterall, ANTIFA is exactly that—a terrorist organization.

“ANTIFA” stands for “anti-fascist”, which is ironic considering they wear black masks, respect neither free speech nor private property, and actively call for violence against those they dislike, all of which are classic fascist tactics.

For years, ANTIFA has been growing bolder in instigating intimidation and perpetrating violence against anyone who disagrees with their radical left, Marxist worldview that champions communism, anarchy, open borders, and planned violence.

We’ve all heard the news from the US, where people were peacefully protesting in righteous anger against the horrific killing of George Floyd by a police officer. Like most other Canadians, I condemn the killing of George Floyd and am appalled by all forms of police brutality, including violence that is racially motivated.

But rather than respect the true cause of justice and accountability for the death of George Floyd, ANTIFA hijacked these protests and turned them into violent riots, causing widespread destruction, physical injury, and death in many American cities—and now even cities around the world.

ANTIFA seized the opportunity by turning a justified protest into an attempted coup against the lawfully elected American government. Trump is right to pursue measures to designate ANTIFA as terrorists.

As Conservative leader and Prime Minister, I will do the same in Canada, because ANTIFA is also very active in trying to undermine democracy in our country. They are the very totalitarians they purport to be against.

In 2017, Global News reporters covering an ANTIFA protest in Quebec City were physically assaulted and had their equipment destroyed by ANTIFA members who pledged to continue to use violence against “corporate media”.

In 2018, a “flash mob” of about 25 ANTIFA members unfurled a banner reading “The Ungovernable” and then caused $100,000 in damages to businesses and passing cars in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, before police intervened.

In the same year, ANTIFA members protested the choice of a guest speaker at a Munk debate by standing outside and intimidating people attending the event. Eventually, the thugs rushed the entrance, resulting in a dozen arrests and two injured police officers.

Again in 2018, ANTIFA showed up to protest a “far right” rally in Toronto. When no members of any “far right” group showed up, ANTIFA’s rage turned toward the assembled press, and they assaulted a Toronto Sun photographer without provocation.

And you may recall a particularly sickening event during last year’s federal election campaign.

An 81-year-old Hamilton woman, who uses a walker, was blocked from entering an event. She was accosted and called “Nazi scum” by ANTIFA protestors.

Her crime? She was curious about PPC leader Maxime Bernier’s platform and had come to hear him speak.

This past October, ANTIFA threatened to “bring out the guillotine” if a church showed a documentary about best-selling author Jordan Peterson. Peterson is a frequent target for ANTIFA. A well-known free speech advocate, Peterson represents a real threat to the anti-freedom agenda of the totalitarianism of groups such as ANTIFA.

On May 1, 2019, as reported by the Post Millennial, ANTIFA threatened to guillotine Ontario Premier Doug Ford if he made cuts to education, even going so far as to bring a mock guillotine to Queens Park for a protest.

ANTIFA uses violence to destabilize democracies and ultimately seeks to replace democratic governments with oppressive totalitarian regimes.

They should be universally condemned by everyone who values freedom.

ANTIFA is an enemy of freedom. President Trump is right to classify them as terrorists, and when I am Prime Minister, I will do the same.

Are you with me?


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Derek Sloan
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