Earlier this year, I was unfairly booted from the Conservative Party of Canada’s Caucus, and from the party itself, by Erin O’Toole. Sadly, this is how the CPC, a ‘Liberal Lite’ party, treats genuine conservatives who continue to assert genuine conservative principles and who continue to speak the truth. 

Erin O’Toole kicked me out because I wasn’t a CPC “team player”. 

What he doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care about, is that the team I play for is Canada, and everything I say and do will always be informed by that single fact.

Fortunately, the dark cloud of these events have had a silver lining.

As an independent MP, I’ve been able to accomplish far more in standing up for Canadian freedom and against the unjust lockdowns, against medical censorship, against climate alarmist policies that destroy Canada’s energy sector, and against threats to Canadian sovereignty than I ever could have had I remained affiliated with the CPC!

This is what I will continue to do when I fight for you and this great country.

On June 17, I held a Parliamentary Press Conference on the censorship of scientific and medical information, because Canadians deserve to hear the truth about COVID, about vaccine injuries, and about Public Health’s reaction to the crisis.

I was joined by three brave men, Dr. Byram Bridle of the University of Guelph, Dr. Don Welsh, a PhD & Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology at Western University, and Dr. Patrick Phillips, a family and emergency medicine physician from Ontario. All three of these doctors have been targeted with harassment, abuse, and censorship, all because they have dared to follow actual science and speak the truth, even when it contradicted official government and Public Health narratives on the COVID-19 response. 

Within two days, the video of the press conference became the most viewed in the history of CPAC, garnering over 650,000 views. 

Facebook Live interrupted the broadcast of the press conference, and YouTube eventually censored the video on CPAC’s YouTube channel. 

Canadians are hungry for the truth, and as an independent MP I was able to deliver it to them. Erin O’Toole’s CPC, the Official Opposition, remains silent. They can’t bring themselves to oppose anything.

Press Conference video

Hosting that press conference attracted the most attention of all the actions I’ve been able to take as an independent MP, but it’s far from the only thing I’ve been able to do. 

Here are a few others

On January 25
I rose in the House to warn that CPC support for Bill C-12, which ties Canada to a policy of net zero emissions by 2050, will be a disaster.

This forced Erin O’Toole to come out publicly with assurances that he would, in fact, cancel the carbon tax.
  As we now know, O’Toole has a plan to replace that tax with a scheme that is just a carbon tax by another name, and will be just as prosperity-killing and expensive for the everyday Canadian.

In early February, I joined the ‘End the Lockdowns Caucus’ to call for an end to the destructive practice of blanket lockdowns and forcing businesses to close to combat COVID-19. The caucus has grown support for putting an end to the destructive practice of locking down the healthy. 

The CPC, to its shame, has been silent on this issue. 


In April, when Alberta Health and the RCMP shut down Grace Life Church just west of Edmonton in the name of fighting COVID, I visited Pastor Coates and started a petition demanding that the church be reopened. 

Using a medical crisis to trample on our Charter rights of free worship will always be unacceptable, and I will never stop standing up and condemning it!

On April 15, I appeared at the ‘End the Lockdowns’ press conference on Parliament Hill where, along with others, I was able to speak out against the COVID response of governments at every level in Canada, which continues to create a political and social crisis that is destroying the fabric of our society. 

I began to oppose lockdowns as soon as it became clear that endless cycles of restrictions are the only plan the government seems to have, or that in the absence of a plan all they will do is lock us down. I have no fewer than seven summonses, which I continue to fight in court, for asserting my right to peaceful assembly by attending open air rallies that protest the government's response. It is frightening to think that protesting itself has become illegal in certain provinces in Canada.

To me, these citations are badges of honour, and they stand in stark contrast to the absolute silence of Erin O’Toole and the CPC on the issue of disastrous, life-destroying and liberty-shredding lockdowns.


Also in April, I rose in the House of Commons to ask Health Minister Patty Hajdu why the government health website contains no advice on the use of Vitamin D supplements to reduce susceptibility to COVID, or to treat COVID infections, despite the fact that scientific research recommends it. Incredibly, Minister Hajdu declared that I had fallen prey to “fake news”. 

Yes, Canada, our Health Minister believes that the medical benefits of Vitamin D are misinformation. That’s where we are. 

Had I been a member of the CPC caucus and wanted to pose this question, the request would have been denied by Erin O’Toole. He wouldn’t want to embarrass his friends. 


I have spoken out against vaccine passports
 from the very beginning, recognizing them as discriminatory, divisive, measures which will end medical privacy, enshrine segregation and deny liberty to millions of Canadians based on the choices they are supposed to be free to make. 

I began a petition against them, which now has nearly 60,000 signatures:



I also started an e-petition, to suspend these injections for children under the age of 18, until adequate, peer-reviewed, published studies featuring long-term data can establish that they are safe.  That petition now has over 72,000 signatures:


I voted against Bill C-6, the so-called “Anti-Conversion Therapy” bill at every stage, because it deceptively would ban everything that doesn’t blindly reaffirm radical gender ideology as “conversion therapy”, trampling the rights of parents, religious leaders and professional counsellors in the process, and sending children down paths of irreparable damage.

Erin O’Toole voted in favour of Bill C-6. Blake Richards did not vote at all. 


In MayI joined Ontario MPP Randy Hillier to demand a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the incompetent, draconian, and disastrous response of the government to COVID-19. No major federal party have had anything negative to say about the destructive lockdowns, the endless spending, and the complete lack of data or evidence involved in COVID-19 policies.

Their silence is deafening. Canadians deserve a real opposition, and they deserve a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of this greatest governing debacle in Canadian history!

Also in May, I was the only MP to vote against a Bloc motion declaring that holding a federal  election during a pandemic is irresponsible, because I believe that democracy can’t be killed by a virus.

The fact that we’re now holding an election must mean that the pandemic is over, right? Right?


On May 28, I rose in the House of Commons to question the government on the glaring double standard that exists with peaceful protests in Canada: those that Justin Trudeau approves of are fine and safe, but those he disagrees with spread COVID! 

The answer I received made about as much sense as that policy, which is to say no sense at all.


In early June, I voted in favour of Bill C-233, which would have banned the practice of sex-selective abortion in Canada
. The bill was defeated, thanks in part to the 38 Conservatives, including Erin O’Toole & Blake Richards who voted against it, which makes them in favour of Sex Selective Abortions. Sex selective abortion is where a baby is aborted just because she is a girl.

On issues like this, there is no difference between O’Toole and the noted “feminist” Justin Trudeau, even though supporting C-233 would have saved the lives of actual girls.


There will be many more opportunities to stand up for Faith, Family and Canadian Freedom, free from the arm-twisting of any political party. 

I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish so far as an independent, I’m so grateful for all those whose support has made it all possible, and I look forward to continuing to fight for all Canadians and this great country.

Derek Sloan