About Derek

Derek Sloan is a Member of Parliament for Hastings-Lennox & Addington in eastern Ontario.

He is a lawyer, husband to Jennifer, and father of Fiona (6), Callum (4), and Nora (3).

He was involved in the first Trinity Western University case in BC in 2015.

He attended law school at Queen's University after owning and operating several small businesses in the Oshawa area.


Derek is a Conservative without apology. He knows that the damage to free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of conscience happening in Canada cannot be understated. It’s time for everyone concerned about these issues to stand up and support a candidate who will not just pay lip service but get in the line of fire to defend these freedoms.

As leader Derek will encourage MPs to vigorously discuss and debate any issue. Derek will never make anyone apologize for being a Conservative. He will encourage members to speak the truth no matter how uncomfortable it makes the increasingly politically correct culture, because that’s not merely what the party needs. It's what Canada needs, now more than ever.

Conservatives have been playing it safe for far too long, focusing on narrow economic issues which, though important, don’t begin to cover the gamut of our national and social needs.

Whatever the issue, Conservatives have the answers. Our approach to National Defence will be realistic, not ideological. Our approach to immigration will be practical, not platitudinal. Our approach to the environment will be reasonable, not radical.

Derek is standing for the leadership because our country is under siege by a tide of political correctness that seeks to destroy Canada, and he knows that the quickest way to lose such a war is to pretend you’re not in one.

Derek is here to take a stand for Canada against this radical progressivism. If you’re a Conservative without apology too, join us.