The Conservative Party of Canada is our party.

Supporting the  Conservative Party of Canada represents the very best way to defeat the Justin Trudeau Liberals in the next election. This is my top priority.

But before that election, I need your help to make sure that the Conservative Party of Canada provides a real, conservative alternative to the Trudeau Liberals.

ATTEND THE “VIRTUAL” CPC Conservative Convention in 2021!

A few weeks ago, the CPC’s governing body, the CPC “National Council”, announced that our party would be holding its 2021 Conservative Convention from March 18 to 20, 2021. 

Normally, these conventions take place every two years, and the last convention was held in Halifax in August 2018. These conventions are delegated conventions, meaning only those elected as “delegates” can vote. Because of the current unusual situation, this next convention will be held “virtually”. Also, the local “Delegate Selection Meetings” that are required to elect the 10 local CPC party members who will be the voting delegates at the convention will also be held “virtually”, online. More details to follow on this later.

Why is this convention so important?

There are three constitutionally required items of business that must take place at this convention: 

1)      Debate and voting on policy resolutions;
2)      Debate and voting on amendments to the CPC Constitution;
3)      Election of the party’s volunteer governing body, the “National Council”

We need as many strong conservatives to participate in this process –
I wouldn’t be asking for your help unless I was convinced that this was important!

If you are interested in helping, please fill out the form below: